Just imagine when you have to live in same place everyday; it’s so boring with old wall, old furniture and the air. To make new you living space require passion. In this post, I’d like to give some simple step to change your living space

Repaint your wall

Yes, the wall is old, which make your room boring. Besides, old wall makes your room dark, and this make your mood is not creative. Just make your wall new with paint, and you will feel new innovaion for  your living space. New wall also make your room less dusty. This really make true. Step to repaint your wall

Step 1: Check the wall layer to see if it’s have to remove the old layer. This make your wall tough with new layers of  cement and well you paint it; it can keep in good and durable

Step 2: Choose the suitable paint, let’s choose a good paint, check the mixing level

Step 3: Wait the wall dry, use the Paint brush to paint the wall. Make sure all your furniture far from paint

Open large windows

Windows welcomes sunlight, wind, bring new air to your living space, make it larger with curtain. You can feel new style of living.

Put green tree on it

Green tree make you live in harmony with nature. Some type of plant can purify the air and make your room new with fresh air

Arrange the furniture neatly 

Arrange reasonable living space to be able to live and work in the most comfortable room even when your home is narrow. Spend some time over the weekend to remodel your wardrobes, saving you time and money each time you need to find an item.

The idea of neatly organized home furnishings