Suburb houses in USA creates more space for garden with green lawn, tree and chances to live harmony with nature. An Outdoor Rattan Wicker Patio is a good ideas for conversation, relax. So how to buy a good set with satisfaction

At present, the diversification of products , which creates more chances meet the needs of consumers, the market appears very different models of plastic artificially priced and different price. Some units use their expertise to take advantage of customer loyalty to sell cheap, low-quality products, resulting in huge losses of money and time. To protect the interests of customers and help customers choose the right furniture, exactly the money you spend. oHomeDecor would like to share with you some “EXPERIENCE SELECTION Rattan Wicker Patio/Sofa” to avoid risk when buying a fake one.

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Usually, to buy a product we have two ways: one is to ask, or via the introduction of consultation of friends to buy; The two are self-honed inquiries and purchase products. Here we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each way so that you can choose the most suitable way to buy rattan furniture for your project.

The easiest and most effective way is to get advice from relatives and friends using artificial cloud furniture. They are experienced and experienced in counterfeit table and chair so you will be able to distinguish and recommend to you the good quality of the purchase price. However, this method has the disadvantage that only apply to anyone who has used the product. Otherwise, you will have to grope yourself, learn to choose the most reliable supplier of artificial cloud furniture.

Acquaintances that have been used in rattan furniture will help you choose a reputable manufacturer

Most of the new customers when buying this information is quite obscure product. They buy because of the reason that cafes / resorts are often used so I also buy used, when going to buy them often “BASED ON THE MARKET AND FEELS” find beautiful cheap form products to buy. This is very risky because cheap and beautiful models are two main weaknesses that vendors often deceive us.
oHomeDecor  is against the trend, we are ready to share with you the best way to choose the best product by your own experience. Share your understanding about products, cooperation, support customers to buy good quality products for both you and oHomeDecor  are satisfied. We are happy to share, serve and value the benefits of our plastic rattan chairs for customers to purchase quality assurance, consistent with the price they spend.
Below, we would like to share about how to choose good plastic rattan furniture based on the criteria:
1. Frames (iron, aluminum, stainless steel, wood)
Most customers choose iron fake furniture because of the much cheaper price and good quality. The best advice is to choose a thickness of 1.2 mm or more to ensure sufficient strength for the frame. The thicker the iron, the heavier the chair.
On the other hand, it should be ensured that the welded joints of the iron frame must be sealed 100% (most suppliers nowadays rattan furniture is only sealed 1/2 or 2/3 joints, this evidence Their sloppy and poor technical skills because they think the weld will not be visible to the customer due to the finished plastic fiber is encapsulated. These welds are small but important because they are not well welded.

Particularly for areas near the sea, if the welding is not sealed, the sea breeze will blow salty into the frame tube (due to the frame is hollow tube) will cause the furniture frame rust from inside to lead to the table furniture. Failure. In addition, the welding need to be grinded to smooth to form a beautiful frame, avoiding sharp spots that break your plastic fibers.
Other types of frames such as aluminum, stainless steel and wood, are often used in coastal resorts, but the price is usually higher than the iron frame.

2. Paint layers:
Quality only when the frame is painted with aluminum and iron frame, also polished with stainless steel frame. Prior to powder coating, it should be treated by dipping through zinc phosphate to remove all rust from the original rough frame.